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My Gargoyles OC Profile: The Angel Defender
Name: Jeana Angelica Hark
Character Type: Heroine
Hero Alias: The Angel Defender
Y.O.B: 1977
Occupation: Lawyer and Self Appointed Defense Attorney for the Gargoyles
Physical Description: Fair skinned, long dark golden blonde hair, pale blue eyes, and athletic
(As a Lawyer) Teal suit skirt and jacket, light pink blouse, black ankle strap heels, a thin black belt around her waist, and small pearl earrings that were her mothers
(As The Angel Defender) Black Body Suit with a Royal blue short sleeved short dress over it, a black head mask that only masks her eyes (similar to Bat Girls mask), Black gloves, gold bodice armor, a gold robotic pack with purple shoulder guards and foldable gliders that resemble female gargoyle wings, Gold armor gauntlets on her forearms with back hand guards and 2 or 3 robotic features and compartments, a purple gauntlet belt  with a gold belt buckle and secret compartments, black boots, gold gauntl
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The Disney Home Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1: Wish upon the Second Star
  The sun was just about setting at a small city, an at the local orphanage for girls, outside in the play ground, still sitting under that shade of a large oak tree was one little girl. Almost 10 years old, very short for her age, long golden brown hair that was half tied back with a black ribbon, hazel eyes, and was wearing the standard uniform of the orphanage, which consisted of a pale blue short sleeved blouse with a navy blue cardigan over it, a light blue plaid skirt, ankle socks that matched the blouse, and tan brown Mary Jane shoes. The girl was just sitting, and drawing a sketch of Mickey Mouse in her sketchbook, then just as she was now trying to think of what to put in the back round, a gentle familiar shadow came towering over her.
"It's time to come back Inside Emily dear" said Sister Jane, one of the Nuns of the orphanage, "Dinner will be ready soon!"
The girl, Emily Sidders by name, just nodded, closed her sketchbook, and
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My Gargoyles OC Profile: Vulpes
Name: Viola Jennifer Elps/ Vulpes
Character Type: Villain
Occupation: Pack Member/ Former Derby Racing Champion
Species: Human
Physical Description: Fair skin, orange red hair tied in high side pony tail on her right side with black tipped dyed ends, blue eyes with a violet tint to them, a very small mole on her right cheek, slim but athletic
(Regular Form) Black short sleeved and Short pant body suit, gold upper torso Armor (with a chest piece like Wolf's, only abit more feminized), gold gauntlets on her wrists covering her forearms with sharp blades embedded along from the wrist to the Elbow and back hand guards over her black fingerless gloves, a gold gauntlet belt around her hips with guard pieces over her hips attached to it, and gold metal boots with wheels on the heels like skates
(Upgrade Form) Black short sleeved body suit, similar upper torso armor only with shoulder guards, similar belt only it's around the waist and the hi
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Gargoyles Fans VS Margot Yale
Gargoyles Fans VS Margot Yale
Why Do we Gargoyles Fans NOT like Margot?!
Well for starters, since the first Episode she appeared in, She's clearly Annoying, all she does is complain, complain, Complain. Surely some of us Must get the Urge to yell back at her " SHUT The H-E- Double Sticks UP Margot!!!!", that along with Other rude sentences with disgusting words, which I shall not use or print because Im not that kind of a writer.
And on a personal note she also badly Dressed and Has a Tacky hair due I Dare say. Seriously What's up with the Headband with that hairstyle, I was a little kid in the 90's and I don't remember anyone wearing head bands on the forehead. And it might just be me, but on her, Pant Suits Suck, and that's the only unpleasant word I'll ever use. And for anyone who's familiar with the comics, What's up with her wearing pink now? even in a horrid suit, it's still better in green than pink.
But on top of all of those things, she's So MEAN! She's mean to her poor
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HI EVERYBODY! I am a sketcher, a Painter, a self taught Costume Maker, and a Fan fiction Writer, and a HUGE Disney fan

So far that is, I have bigger dreams and goals

I've been Familiar of this site For a LONG Time, But Im very Happy to Finally be joining it! Now Just Try to be Patient with me, not only Am I still New to How this site works, But I am abit slow and Lacking of knowledge technology too, so it'll take a little while for me to put some art up

And another thing about myself that everyone should know, I have a small case of Autism, it's mild, but I do have some emotional things that I think come from it, But I AM trying to work on it and I am better than I was years ago, So All I ask from Everyone is for your patience and Support!

and I Hope you all do like what it is I do put up here
Well I did'nt know I could actually do it, but I did it!

I've Actually Created My Own Fan Forum boards thanks to proboards! I Made One for Disney, and another for 'Gargoyles'! for the One for Disney, everyone can Talk about Anything Disney from Movies and TV Shows to the Theme Parks even. And for the one for 'Gargoyles', everyone can talk about Anything related to 'Gargoyles' from the the Characters and the tv show to ALL of the Comics.

And Yes, for Both of these sites, you can Also post Your own Fan Fiction, Your Fan Art, videos, And I Also got a Place for RP Games!

So if Anyone's Interested in joining, Here's the Links to them, And As the Admin and Boss to them, I Welcome you!



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Hello Emily. Thanks for the Gargoyles fav and thanks for commenting. It's always "warmer" to receive a comment rather than a cold fav, you know ? Cheers again :D
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Hey! Even though you're familiar with this site, I still wanted to say welcome to DA! I really really hope to see your art personally, especially because we share many aspects! I am a REALLY REALLY big fan of Disney, a self-taught artist and sculpter, other stuff, I have pretty big dreams and goals someday in terms of art. Anyways, again, welcome to DA :)
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