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Gargoyles Fans VS Margot Yale

Why Do we Gargoyles Fans NOT like Margot?!

Well for starters, since the first Episode she appeared in, She's clearly Annoying, all she does is complain, complain, Complain. Surely some of us Must get the Urge to yell back at her " SHUT The H-E- Double Sticks UP Margot!!!!", that along with Other rude sentences with disgusting words, which I shall not use or print because Im not that kind of a writer.

And on a personal note she also badly Dressed and Has a Tacky hair due I Dare say. Seriously What's up with the Headband with that hairstyle, I was a little kid in the 90's and I don't remember anyone wearing head bands on the forehead. And it might just be me, but on her, Pant Suits Suck, and that's the only unpleasant word I'll ever use. And for anyone who's familiar with the comics, What's up with her wearing pink now? even in a horrid suit, it's still better in green than pink.

But on top of all of those things, she's So MEAN! She's mean to her poor husband, but importantly she's mean to Gargoyles. Ranting about how she thinks they're monsters and other hurtful things. And it's almost astounding how blind and ungrateful she is since the gargoyles saved her and her husbands life and even talked calmly to them. And her suggest them to Lock them up when they've done nothing wrong is just plain Cruel and Inhuman. I even say that at times she's even worse than Canmore/Castaway and the Quarrymen. And who says that it's Unlikely that in the place she has in mind of keeping the Gargoyles captive that they'll be the subject of Cruelty and Torturous procedures, I bet if that people of New York found out that's what would happen to them in captivity that they'd change their minds about them and come after her for Animal Cruelty, in their perspective that is. And who is she to say that gargoyles have no Human thoughts and emotions, if a being can speak, it does have thoughts and emotions.

And since she's an Assistant District Attorney, I don't know if it's just me, but I think it's also clear that she's guilty of performing Wrongful Prosecution, As it's especially seen in 'The Goliath Chronicles' series. I know everyone including Greg Weisman Hates that season and that we're told not to count it, but you have to admit that the way she's depicted in it would be NO different than in the comics, right? As an attorney She's broken quite a few rules and even Abused her power. She's Ignored the fact that the gargoyles have been framed more than once. In the 'Justice for all' episode she even tried to get the judge to ignore the evidence proving Goliath's innocence, clearly a selfish act. And in the 'Angels of the Night' episode comes the worst 2 bits, she Actually accepted "evidence" from Canmore/Castaway,  who She should Know is considered an Unreliable source since he was Proven to be the leader of the Quarrymen and assaulted Elisa, A law enforcement, himself twice and was arrested for his activities and is a Gargoyle HATER and would be Killer, she might as well be accepting evidence from a Racist and charging the kind of person the Racist hates with a crime. And What Gives her the right to Bar Elisa from seeing Angela when she was unjustly arrested and charged, as seen in the comics Elisa's Part of the Gargoyle taskforce too and is the head's partner and would have every right to see her. And Threatening to fire Elisa for simply disagreeing with her? She can't fire someone for simply disagreeing with her, especially if it's only verbally and nothing else, it's Against freedom of speech and it's abuse of power. I got news for you Margot, disagreeing with your opinions is Everyone's God given Right! And based on all of these acts and the selfishness within them, was Margot Really thinking about public safety, or was she just thinking about advancing her Job as any Dirty D.A would do?!

Inconclusion, I think we Gargoyle Fans can all agree that Margot is an Annoying, And MEAN Gargoyle Bully with ice in her veins, who get pleasure out of putting other people and being down and Wrongfully prisoning innocent beings. And this Gargoyle Fan rests her case.  
Gargoyles Fans VS Margot Yale
Now Here is My Very First Submission on this site ever, so if you don't like it don't come Hard on me please!

And for all those 'Gargoyles' Fans out there who hate Margot, I hope this makes your day

'Gargoyles' and Margot Belong to Greg Weisman and Disney


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HI EVERYBODY! I am a sketcher, a Painter, a self taught Costume Maker, and a Fan fiction Writer, and a HUGE Disney fan

So far that is, I have bigger dreams and goals

I've been Familiar of this site For a LONG Time, But Im very Happy to Finally be joining it! Now Just Try to be Patient with me, not only Am I still New to How this site works, But I am abit slow and Lacking of knowledge technology too, so it'll take a little while for me to put some art up

and I Hope you all do like what it is I do put up here


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